Mark Toia

Selected Work

Originating from a very successful career as an advertising photographer, Mark Toia was coerced into directing TVCs by his clients. Their desires were to bring his exceptional photographic eye to the small screen, and he has now become one of the most sort after directors in the advertising world.

Being pursued by advertising agencies and production companies globally; He has a lengthy list of repeat business with the world’s largest companies that most could only dream of.

With countless industry awards & accolades to his credit, Toia is without a doubt, a director sitting firmly on the “A” list. His ability to deliver a stunningly artistic story full of drama through to shooting a fast and furious action piece, is only a glimpse into what he can deliver.

Where Mark succeeds most is with his clear understanding of visual communication. He knows what visually sells products and this is why clients keep coming back to him again and again.

Toia’s prowess and success is due to his ability to reinvent himself over and over again. He’s always looking for new inspiration, constantly finding new technologies to aid his work and learning new crafts to help create images that have compelling screen presence, not to mention more on-screen value.

Toia is becoming a quintessential trendsetter that creatives around the world want to be a part of.

His passion is still to capture an image that compels and speaks without words. His legendary cinematography skills, vast post-production experience, joined with his ever evolving mind and machine like work ethics make him the perfect choice for any job. This combination puts him squarely at the forefront of today’s television production industry.