8th Street is a place that brings people together.
It rises to the occasion.

We’re big when we need to be and small when the projects demand it.

8th Street embraces the Midwestern work ethic shared by founders, Steve DeVore and Jonathan Nowak.

8th Street was founded on the belief that there was another way to make things, to say YES to the projects we wanted to do, and to make the process enjoyable

We’ve worked with some great production companies along our path to this moment. And we took the best lessons and plugged them into 8th Street. We’ve collaborated with every size of agency – from the big name to the new name.

Like so many in the business of making stuff, we LOVE what we do.


Where’s our beefy list of directors?!

We think there’s a movement happening in the industry towards FREE-RANGE directors. Our collective puts the director first. We don’t want them tied down. We want them to WORK.

Every spot you see are ones we produced with one of our

We collaborate with superbly talented directors at every level — big ones, new ones, indie ones, established ones, and super duper award-winning ones.

What are you looking for? 

We definitely have a RELATIONSHIP with the PERFECT DIRECTOR.

Contact Steve DeVore to find the perfect fit for your project.


When we PACKAGE projects we don’t simply ring up a vendor and make a deal.

Nope. We get into the nitty gritty. We find the PERFECT team. And we assemble them into one ideal entity — like Voltron.

Post folks are FREE-RANGE, too. And we have relationships with the best ones.

We also love our post companies If the project calls for it, we know the right ones for the right projects.

Like so many in the business of making stuff, we LOVE what we do. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to stretching the bang for your buck. We understand that. And we bust our tails to make sure your project gets the love and attention it deserves.



As we see different states beginning daily, the question of “How are things going to be on set once crews start shooting again?” is on everyone's mind.

Crews will be smaller. A new position, Safety Coordinator (SSC), will be present on all shoots. Things will move a littler slower as we take time to properly wipe down gear and observe temperature checks.

After speaking to various groups, we have created the 8th St. Set Safety Guidelines and here are some of the procedures you can expect from us during production.

  • 8th St. will distribute masks and gloves on a daily basis and crew will be required to wear.
  • 8th St. will observe a “step in, step out” procedure to hand-off work between departments so that no more than ten people are present on-set at any given time.

A dedicated Set Safety Coordinator (SSC) will:

  • perform no-contact thermal temperature checks at the beginning of each day.
  • conduct daily safety briefings.
  • ensure on-set observance of the 6’ social distancing rule.
  • oversee distribution and proper disposal of masks and gloves.

All gear will be disinfected before and after the shoot.

  • Members of each department will disinfect gear and workstations during breaks in activity.
  • On-set communication devices (radios) will be disinfected daily.
  • Sanitization Stations will be set up around set and Hand sanitizer will be available on all carts.
  • Craft service and meals will be provided in single-serve, individually packaged containers.
  • This document is a work in progress as updates are happening daily.
  • We believe these procedures will ensure a safe working environment with minimal disruption.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions @ 310.308.7287.




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Partner, Director


Brandon Pico at Hapa



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Steve Devore